Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Your backyard may be hidden from many prying eyes when people come to your home, but if guests do happen to see my backyard I know I would want to leave a good impression. The same of course goes for small backyards as well. However, many don’t have the time commitment to invest in landscaping, even a small backyard. Here are seven low maintenance landscaping ideas that I’ve come across for small backyards:

  1. Make it colorful
  2. Attachable planters
  3. An outdoor eating area
  4. Trees and ground covers
  5. Firepits
  6. Select native plants
  7. Stones

Make it colorful

A small backyard may not give you enough room to try out several design ideas, but you can still brighten up space by mixing up different colors regardless of the features you decide to install. A low maintenance landscaping idea for small backyards is adding features like colorful planters around the garden to give it a more pleasant look. If you have a pool, then you add colorful tiles and furniture around it, but if not, then you can add some colorful flowers. Position your flowers in a way that makes their colors stand out. For instance, you can place them on the deck or at the entry point of the patio. Another simple option is to create a planting bed for them. If none of these options appeal to you, then add a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor furniture and your deck. The deck will look better with natural colors, but you can add brighter colors to the furniture

Attachable planters

Another great idea for small backyards is improvised vertical gardening. This involves hanging planters from your backyard wall or fence. It’s easy to create such gardens using recycled materials like bottles or some old paint containers. A hook or support will need to be added to these in order for you to attach them to the desired fence or wall.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to make some of the above you can simply buy pot hangers from a garden store or online. By using your fence in this way it will leave enough room for you to experiment with other ideas around your small backyard. Space is a precious commodity when you have a small backyard, so hanging planters is one of the best ways to spare it and still add something to you backyard.

Some plants to consider for you planters include; ipomoea and diascia. They both only need a little watering now again and very little care. They have bright beautiful colors that can add a lot of life to a backyard limited in space.

An outdoor eating area

You don’t have to rely on only one feature for your backyard to look great. You can still incorporate several low maintenance landscaping ideas for small backyards without making it look overcrowded. Add a small outdoor eating area which includes a grill, outdoor fridge, and a small bench for intimate family dinners outdoors. Although the thought of doing such an undertaking might sound taunting there really isn’t much to it. You just need to buy an outdoor grill, add a fridge that’s connected to a cable nearby and then buy a small bench. If the fridge is in a sheltered area and not affected by the elements then you are good to go. Very little maintenance will be needed for this area. If you’re feeling adventurous , think about adding a small herb garden nearby. You will not only get a eating area and your herbs for ingredients; you will also improve the aesthetic of your backyard.

Trees and ground covers

Trees and plants add natural beauty to your backyard and help you appreciate the beauty of nature. Oftentimes, having trees takes very little time and energy to maintain. For many breeds you just have to make sure they get enough water during a dry spell. Some trees to consider include: Japanese Maple, Mimosa and Dogwood. The trees will provide shadows and give you a cool, relaxing space with the right ambiance.

Build your own patio seating space around the trees by building lumber benches or tree stumps. Use weatherproof cushions to make the seating areas more comfortable, and you will have a simple yet attractive backyard that is low maintenance.

If you have a small backyard one of the best ideas you can consider is by planting perennial ground covers like violets and pansies as well. Ground covers help with weed control, which means that you won’t have to spend a fortune on weed killers, and your backyard will be free of chemicals that are used in such products. This also saves time for those who don’t use chemicals that much, as you won’t need to physically remove weeds as often.


Outdoor fire pits add coziness that makes you feel like your living room is just outside. They also bring some level of adventure to our evenings. You can sit around the fire like you are at a camp and enjoy bonding with your family. Building one is easy; you need to buy the right supplies from your home improvement store. You either get a concrete fire bowl, cider block caps, and concrete retaining wall blocks. You don’t have to buy stones for the fire ring. You can collect them. Together with the firepit, you can have a small fiberglass pool and a composite decking to make the backyard usable during the day and night. If this sounds like too much work, then simply get a professional in to do it. The professional in question can cater to your needs and probably give you a firepit that doesn’t take up too much space. Once it’s done then you won’t have to give it much further attention over the coming years. Fortunately, they are pretty durable and they also add a great look to your backyard.

Select native plants

The main goal of implementing low maintenance landscaping ideas is to help you save time, money, and energy. Therefore, the selection of native plants should be considered. Native plants to your area oftentimes need minimal watering and care from you because they are completely adapted to your area’s geography and climate over thousands of yards .

To make the backyard more versatile, use pots for those native plants. You will have portable plants that allow you to create more space and keep the plants safe if you decide to host guests in your backyard. There are many pot designs you can choose from, ranging from concrete to ceramic. Most of them are decorated to add the visual appeal you want for your backyard.


Using landscaping stones can also transform your backyard into an artistic space. Such stones come in different sizes, colors, and textures for different applications. You can use them on flower beds, on the pathway to the house, or around your patio. It’s easy to choose stones that match your home and personality, but you have to consider durability when making your choice. Make sure they can withstand the outdoor weather conditions and that they don’t get damaged easily. This is the best way to ensure you don’t spend a lot of money on replacing them or maintaining them regularly. If you get the correct ones then they won’t be much of a burden on you in the future and could add a nice aesthetic to your backyard.


It’s sometimes not easy having a small backyard, especially if you are a lover of landscaping. However, there are many ways to make the best out of your circumstances with easy to implement landscaping ideas that won’t drain you of a lot of time and energy.

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